Renewal Lease Deadline - 3/1/17
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We are small, hardworking group dedicated to make our tenants happy. 
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Avoid city Fees
- Take Trash out Wed night, Pull back Thursday
- Do not park on Grass or block sidewalks
- Grass is cut every other Mon/Tue (keep yards clean)
- Street Sweeping on 2nd Tues for 1200 to 1500 block
- Street Sweeping on 2nd Tue(even #'s) and Wed(odd #'s) for 800to1000 block

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 Office has drop slot. No Cash!
 4415 Colley Ave, Norfolk,VA 23508 MAP

 Payment Policy:
 1) 10% late fee charged after the 5th
 2) 10% collection fee charged after 5th
 3) $59 court fee charged after the 11th

Request Repairs
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 For True Emergencies only call 675-7200
 Emergency examples:  Major water leaks (not stopped up/running toilets), AC/heat out (if outside <64 or >76deg), sewer backup, all power out, both front door locks not working.
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